About PyDist

PyDist is brought to you by Alex Becker, a Python developer in San Francisco, CA.

I love Python. I've been on engineering teams as small as 2 and as large as Google, and Python has always been my go-to tool. A large part of that is because of its package ecosystem. Pretty much anything I need to do has a package for it—usually a good one! One at a time these have made their way into my dependencies, and it's let me get a lot done very quickly.

That being said, managing Python dependencies has always been frustrating. I've been working to solve this since early 2018, first by creating an open-source package management client called dotlock and giving talks on packaging at SF Python. Building a client forced me to think about what I really wanted in a server, and before I knew it PyDist was born.

Whether or not you use PyDist, feel free to reach out to me at myself@alexcbecker.net or find me at a Python meetup.