Why Use a PyPI Mirror?

In addition to hosting packages, PyDist acts as a PyPI mirror—users access PyPI data through PyDist, which backs up that data so it will never disappear. Why? Because data disappears from PyPI all the time.

Like NPM, PyPI allows package maintainers to delete packages and releases at will. Python has had its own version of the infamous left-pad incident, when the trollius package was suddenly unpublished, breaking dependent packages such as internetarchive, neovim and aiodns until zope foundation volunteers managed to find a backup of the last release and took over maintainership. While Python packages are not as inter-dependent as Node packages, it is only a matter of time before a more widely-used package is deleted from PyPI.

While deleting packages is relatively rare, deleting releases has become a common cause of broken builds for PyPI users who pin their dependencies—especially users who update frequently. If you maintain Python packages, check out the blog to learn how what you should do instead.

Since PyDist launched in March 2019, 10906 releases for 2215 different packages have been deleted from PyPI. Below is a list of deleted releases for the most popular Python packages, updated weekly.

croniter deleted release 0.3.27 and 1 more
trollius deleted release 2.0 and 13 more
flake8-tuple deleted release 0.3.1
wheel deleted release 0.33.3 and 1 more
grpcio deleted release 1.21.0
networkx deleted release 2.3rc2 and 1 more
opencv-python deleted release
datadog deleted release 0.29.1
docker-compose deleted release 1.24.0rc2
prettytable deleted release 7
notebook deleted release 5.7.7
snowflake-connector-python deleted release 1.3.16 and 25 more
filelock deleted release 3.0.11
azure-mgmt-storage deleted release 4.4.0
deepdiff deleted release 4.0.1 and 1 more
reportlab deleted release 3.5.15
mysql-connector deleted release 2.2.8 and 7 more
bokeh deleted release 0.4.2p1
pytest-runner deleted release 4.5
distributed deleted release 2.0.0
apache-airflow deleted release 1.10.4b1
setuptools-scm deleted release 3.3.0
tables deleted release 3.5.0
snowflake-sqlalchemy deleted release 1.0.6 and 6 more
django-mysql deleted release 3.0.0
logbook deleted release 1.4.3
tf-estimator-nightly deleted release 1.14.0.dev2019041801 and 1 more
patch deleted release 10.04
mxnet deleted release 1.5.0b20181215 and 1 more
azure-eventhub deleted release 2.0.0b1
ncclient deleted release 0.6.5
fasttext deleted release 0.9
sagemaker deleted release 1.18.6
pyexcel-io deleted release 0.5.15
pdf2image deleted release 1.5.5
j2cli deleted release 0.3.6
catboost deleted release 0.14
lftools deleted release 0.23.0
pypubsub deleted release 4.0.2 and 3 more
couchbase deleted release 3.0.0a1
djoser deleted release 1.5.0 and 6 more
tf-nightly deleted release 1.14.1.dev20190418 and 1 more
neobolt deleted release 4.0.0a1 and 5 more
datasketch deleted release 1.4.6
nimbusml deleted release 1.0.2 and 4 more
pybarcode deleted release 0.7 and 2 more
fastai deleted release 1.0.45
praw deleted release 6.3.0
circleci deleted release 1.2.1 and 7 more
trains deleted release 0.10.0rc1 and 3 more
xmlschema deleted release 1.0.12
coincurve deleted release 12.0.0rc8 and 4 more
flask-shell-ipython deleted release 0.3.0
loguru deleted release 0.0.1
urlextract deleted release 0.12.0
ssh2-python deleted release 0.18.0
rook deleted release 0.1.65 and 1 more
ml-metadata deleted release 0.13.1
blosc deleted release 1.6.3.dev1
pyecharts deleted release 1.3.0
numpy-quaternion deleted release 2019.
pvlib deleted release 0.6.4
mirakuru deleted release 2.0.0
woocommerce deleted release 2.1.0
seleniumbase deleted release 1.3.26 and 68 more
holoviews deleted release 1.12.0
tf-nightly-gpu deleted release 1.14.1.dev20190418 and 2 more
esrally deleted release 1.2.0
dagster-pandas deleted release 0.4.2
ansible-runner deleted release 1.3.5
crossbar deleted release 19.3.4 and 2 more
optimuspyspark deleted release 2.2.51
perf deleted release 1.6.0 and 38 more
pymupdf deleted release 1.14.8 and 5 more
aiormq deleted release 2.3.0 and 1 more
atlassian-python-api deleted release 1.13.2 and 4 more